Thursday, January 6, 2011

On the Treadmill

So last night I finally got on the treadmill in the basement. I was afraid it was gonna be boring, so that's why I took Jamie, Adam, Kari, Grant, and Tory (especially Kari) with me. If you recognize these names, then you know that I'm talking about the cast of Mythbusters.

Rather than recording the shows on our DVR, and missing the last minute of each episode, I signed up for a "season pass" at the iTunes Store, and have the entire season on my iPod Touch. So armed with the latest episode on the failed bomb plot to kill Hitler, and whether or not you can slap some sense into someone, I got on the treadmill and walked for 45 minutes.

Not bad, not boring at all. I'm just gonna need a lot more episodes of Mythbusters.

Oh, and this morning's number was 104.

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