Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting To The Point

Wow, I guess I've been so busy today that I'm just getting to post this stuff at about bedtime. Wow. I know how important this stuff is to my three followers, so I'll try to do better next time.

Well first thing is that I think I've finally figured out the secret of the little blood testing strips I have to use every day. I just couldn't figure out why sometimes I'd get a drop of blood the size of a Mini Cooper on the stick and it wouldn't register, while other times it would work just fine with what seemed like a mere molecule. I mean I was aiming for the little black dots on the strip. What was going on here?

Then a few days ago I figured it out: It wasn't about the dots, but about the little pointy things in the dots. Apparently the times when I couldn't get it to register, I had a big glob of blood sitting firmly on the dot, but not touching the pointy thing. Once I thought I'd unlocked this little secret, I tried just aiming the pointy thing at the blood.

Voila! Success. OK, this means a whole lot less sticking of myself and wasting of test strips.

Oh, and today's number was...hmm, let me run and was 101.

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