Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Follow The Star

I was 104 this morning, and then rushed out of the house to follow the star. What star? The star of Bethlehem, of course!

You see, we're visiting friends of ours in Bethlehem, PA, and one of their famous landmarks is the star on the north face of South Mountain. It's been said that at night it can be seen from as far as Wind Gap, 20 miles away. Well, for years we've wanted to see this thing up close, rather than at the nice respectful distance of downtown Bethlehem. The problem is that the closer you get to it, the harder it is to see it. It has something to do with the way the trees are cut just below it, so that it doesn't overwhelm the folks who live just downhill from it.

Well today I finally found the hidden path to it, and got a few pictures. Problem was, it was the wrong time of day, and the sun was almost right behind it. So much for that idea. I figured I'd head back up at about dusk. Then the sun would be out of the way, and the star would actually be lit up.

Good idea in theory, but by the time we got to the star, it was dark enough that that's about all that showed up in the pictures. We really should've headed out there about an hour earlier.

So...if I want the perfect picture of it, I either have to head out there in the early early tomorrow morning, before it's shut off, or wait until our next trip down in a few months. Right now I'm thinking it'll happen on our next trip down.

Here are the pictures. One from this morning and one from this evening.

The daytime shot.

The evening shot.

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